Worker’s account statement

At the end of each calendar year all commercial workers will get a statement of their leave entitlements from SOKA-BAU. Employers will receive a summary of the entitlements of all workers posted to Germany. SOKA-BAU will detail all entitlements for each calendar year separately.

Such statement contains important details about the work performed by each commercial worker in Germany during the previous two calendar years (length of employment, days employed, gross wages, leave days acquired and leave allowance as well as leave entitlements). Any leave not taken will also be stated. Apart from the amount of the individual worker’s leave entitlement according to the respective collective agreement, he will also see to what extent such entitlement is covered by his employer’s contributions.

Workers will also receive statements after every transaction, such as reimbursements, payments in lieu of leave and compensations.

Unless SOKA-BAU is notified of a new employment relationship with another construction company within three months of terminating the previous employment or posting of a worker, the worker concerned will get a statement listing all the respective data until such time that his employment was terminated.

Such  information will be based on the reports that the employer has to submit to SOKA-BAU on a monthly basis.

If errors are made by employers in their monthly reports with the result that the statement concerned is incorrect or incomplete, workers are entitled to demand that the respective statement be rectified within two months from receipt of such statement.  Should the employer not rectify the statement, despite the request to do so, the worker can file a lawsuit against his employer for rectification, also at a German court.