Commercial workers are entitled to paid leave when working on construction sites in Germany. To ensure uniform leave arrangements on German construction sites, particular German laws and collective agreements for the construction industry also apply to posted workers. Besides the entitlement to paid leave, this also entails a guaranteed minimum wage.

SOKA-BAU applies the leave scheme on behalf of the parties to the collective agreement for the German construction industry. SOKA-BAU advises and supports posting companies and their workers in all matters pertaining to the leave scheme in 14 European languages.

Frequently asked questions

As an employer, you are required to grant leave and pay a leave allowance to your workers during their posting to Germany. When you grant your workers the leave they acquired in Germany, you will be reimbursed by SOKA-BAU accordingly.

Please state in your monthly reports whether your workers took any leave, and if so, please also state the exact amount of the leave allowance paid.  Reimbursements are only payable if you have paid all contributions due in full to SOKA-BAU.

If workers did not take any leave and did not receive any payment in lieu of leave, they are eligible to claim compensations from SOKA-BAU. Payments to employers are ruled out.

The leave allowance amounts to 14.25% of the respective gross wage.

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