Comparable institutions (Paid Leave Fund Scheme)

There are institutions comparable to SOKA-BAU in several countries. Agreements for mutual recognition have been reached with those institutions. If an employer in one of those countries pays contributions to the respective institution when posting workers abroad and can prove such payments, SOKA-BAU may exempt such employer from paying contributions in Germany.

At present, there are comparable institutions in:

  • Belgium (Office Nationale de la Sécurité Sociale – ONSS and Office Patronal d'Organisation et Contrôle des Régimes de Sécurité d'Existence – OPOC)
  • Denmark (Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekruttering – STAR)
  • France (Congés Intempéries BTP Union des Caisses de France)
  • Italy (Commissione Nazionale Paritetica per le Casse Edili – CNCE)
  • Austria (Bauarbeiter- Urlaubs- und Abfertigungskasse – BUAK)