Posting companies participate in the leave scheme of the German construction industry. SOKA-BAU assesses the mandatory participation in each case and applies the leave scheme. In order to reimburse companies efficiently and in due course, employers have to provide various information and documents, such as those pertaining to their reporting and payment obligations.

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Leave allowances are governed by German law. As a consequence, you have to pay leave scheme contributions to SOKA-BAU when posting commercial workers to constructions sites in Germany. Such contributions supersede any leave scheme contributions you may pay in your home country during the posting period. Commercial workers are therefore not entitled to two leave allowances.

Exceptions to this rule only apply if you pay contributions to a comparable leave scheme in your home country. There are mutual recognition agreements to this effect. At present, this applies to leave schemes in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Austria.

The leave fund contribution amounts to 15.20 % since January 2022.

Reports are submitted electronically. To do so you need to apply for a password with SOKA-BAU. You can find this form here.

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